Focusing on Audio as a whole with a showman side of things being the strong point for Lee.

Get to know Lee!

Lee Joseph Cleary was born into what is an area known as “the liberties” very close to Dublin City Centre. Growing up within the culture of Dublin then spending 4 years living in Marbella Spain from the ages of 8-12 before moving back to Dublin was all part of the growth that led to Lee becoming the natural personality and presenter we see today.

Holding a Bachelor Honours degree in Creative Digital Media after 4 years of studying at TU Dublin as part of the Tallaght Campus. It was the work done in these 4 years coming off of the Leaving Certificate that led Lee to where he is now. However even from an extremely young age Lee was always described as a large personality and someone deemed as a “people person” who has a very good ability to network with this being a huge reason for his success as well presenting skills.

Having studied Audio Production as his main elective in college Lee was always drawn to the presenting side of things especially when it came to being able to chat and work with others as part of a team, this along with a good hand for mixing and editing featured radio pieces together were always Lees strong points. Lee also loved the idea of bringing in very showman like type elements to his presenting skills, this would be large in part to the fact he has been training within the art of Professional Wrestling the last 8 years and performing around the world the last 4. An example of this can be seen in the motivational audio scape piece where while some dramatic editing is used, you can really get the message from it. Work alongside co-hosts producing Christmas style shows for college as well having a simple understanding of some Audio engineering being able to produce work such as “Short Stories in Isolation” are proof why Lee is climbing the ranks in Audio Production

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